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Our Vision

Lawrence R. Berg, Your Air/Ground Transportation Link, provides travelers of the Twin Cities area with an ultimate surface transportation experience while traveling to and from social or business events; or to and from their home or business and airport connections.

Our Mission

Lawrence R. Berg, Your Air/Ground Transportation Link,
provides luxury transportation services to travelers and to other luxury transportation companies in the Minneapolis/St Paul area of Minnesota. We provide an unparalleled level of customer experience through client services utilizing clean, well-maintained and highly presentable vehicles; and professional, well-groomed, and knowledgeable drivers who genuinely value and serve the needs and desires of our clients.

Our Values

We value each and every client we serve, whether they are a client of Lawrence R. Berg, Your Air/Ground Transportation Link, or a client of another luxury transportation company for whom we provide service. Every client is treated with respect and dignity, and with utmost courtesy and safety during our time together. We continuously strive for excellence in customer experience through ongoing evaluation and service improvement efforts.

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How We Do It?

At Lawrence R. Berg, Your Air/Ground Transportation Link, we provide basically two types of service . . .

  • Point-To-Point Service

    This service provides transportation from one point to another.

    For instance, if you are going to an event, we provide service from the point of origin to the destination. This is a great option for traveling to or from the airport, or for getting from one location to another where you are meeting friends and then returning with them later.

    If you wish to have a return trip later in the day or evening, you can prearrange a pickup location and time or call about one hour prior to the desired pickup time and we will pick you up for the return trip.

    With this service, you will be charged for two one-way trips.

  • Hourly Service

    This service provides a car and driver to remain with you, to provide transportation (within 3 to 5 minutes) for you to travel from one location to another at your convenience.

    This is a preferred service if you have a number of meetings - one after another, throughout the day. It is also very convenient if you are stopping at any number of locations, such as nightclubs, throughout the course of an evening of celebration.

    This service is great for -

    • weddings,
    • bachelor or bachelorette parties,
    • holiday gatherings,
    • Christmas light tours,
    • other types of activites,

    where you wish to have instantaneous transportation but wish not to have to drive yourself.

    With Hourly Service, you are charged an hourly rate from the time of the original pickup to the time of the final drop-off.
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